Alex Patterson, 3rd Vice Chair Candidate, YCDP

I served as Campaign Secretary for Bebs Chorak during the 2017 special election.

As far as my political beliefs go, they are similar to many of yours.
• Raising the minimum wage.
• Investing in affordable housing.
• Restoring the Clean Air and Water Act.
• Making the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.
• Ending the racial and gender wealth gap.
• Reducing pharmaceutical drug costs and fighting the opioid epidemic.
• Securing civil rights for LGBTQ community.
• Developing a clean DREAM Act.

Here are my ideas to improve our YCDP:

Getting organized.
Precinct organization is vital to our political position in York County. If we want York County to TURN BLUE and STAY BLUE, we must be actively reaching out to our friends, neighbors, and co-workers and incorporating them into the fold. Bring them into the conversation.
There’s power in numbers!

Community Outreach
Developing more YCDP programs that aren’t scheduled on top of other supporting organization events. Sometimes schedules clash, it happens, but we must be more conscious and support each other equally.

Fundraisers can be annoying BUT they don’t have to be boring. I have several ideas to use year round involving the sale of:
YCDP merchandise
Pink Hat pins
Rainbow flag pins
South Carolina flag pins
And YCDP mugs and t-shirts…the list goes on!

Headquarter Update
I’d like to expand our hours at HQ and get a better answering machine with a current outgoing message that gives:
The dates and times of public meetings, when the board meets, and when the office will reopen.
If we can raise more funds we need to secure an inexpensive meeting place that holds more than 10 people at a time. If we want to grow big, we need to GO big!

I hope this gives you an idea of where I stand. We are all in this together and I will work hard, with the board, to serve York County.

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