Bebs Chorak, Executive Commitee Woman, YCDP

I am excited to announce that I am running for the York County Democrat Party Executive Committee Woman.

I see this as an opportunity to influence the Democratic Party and the public policies that impact our community and our lives. I have been involved in community programs with students and families for years (more than I will admit) and have seen both the policies and programs that work and the ones that don’t. The SC Democrats are getting stronger and I believe they could soon be the leaders to take action and make meaningful impact in our lives. For this, we must prepare strong just women and men to fill leadership roles. I will work with the party to help cultivate these leaders and give them encouragement and support to carry on!

We must garner support of Democratic voters in order to elect these leaders. My first task will be to work with the officers of the County Party and other interested citizens to strengthen the YCDP though enlargement of membership and the development of By Laws. Then we must develop active and involved precincts that encourage everyone to get out and vote.

The Democrat Party and the York County Democrats are gaining momentum and I pledge to work to continue this momentum by building an active, inclusive and tireless organization – one that supports involvement of everyone in the community, encourages participation at all levels of government, increases visibility of the Democratic Party and supports all Democratic candidates with any and all resources available.

I ask for your support on Feb 22 at the County Democratic Convention. Vote for experience and the ability to help us move forward now. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

Thank you so very much your support of the York County Democratic Party.


•  I was raised and educated in Rock Hill, finishing with a Med from Winthrop University.
•  I have pursued careers that provided the opportunity to work in the community:
   •  Teacher in School District 3. Aided with the development of the first Special Olympics in York County and the York County Disabilities Board.
   •  Supervisor with the South Carolina Dept. of Youth Services (now Juvenile Corrections). Created community resources and programs for trouble youth and families in a seven county area in coordination with the schools, courts, police and other community agencies.
   •  Deputy Director at Street Law, Inc. Street Law believes that all citizens need to know the law to be effective and just citizens. Taught law, developed curriculum, trained teachers in participatory teaching methods in school districts across the US. Worked internationally, visiting many countries, to build legal literacy by working with law schools and law students to teach law/democracy/citizenship in the secondary schools and communities.
•  Presently, I am retired and volunteering in the community, working at the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen and serving as a Board Member for the Saluda Counseling Center.

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