Carrie Anderson, Candidate for Chair of YCDP

Hello, Huddlers! Hello marchers and activists, neighborhood organizers, resisters, agitators, and collaborators. Hello to each of you who spent the last year wondering what just happened to your country and how on earth we can correct the course. To you who tirelessly wrote letters, made calls, went to meetings, joined a million facebook groups, shed tears, answered tough questions from your children about this mess, made a million new friends, and pledged to keep showing up and keep moving forward, I get it.

My name is Carrie Anderson and I am running for Chair of the York County Democratic Party because, in this incredibly important moment, I believe in my bones that the future of our country lies in our ability to inspire voters right here – in our county, in our cities, within our neighborhoods, and on our very own streets. I believe in my bones that the bedrock policies of the Democratic Party are truly best for the people of South Carolina – affordable and accessible healthcare, gender pay equality, protections for Dreamers, increasing the minimum wage, affordable housing, expanding Medicaid, protecting women’s reproductive rights, and so much more.

But, I also believe we have a problem. In a year of record low approval ratings for a new administration, when healthcare for the middle class was under assault and our president was accused of everything from colluding with a foreign power to sexually assaulting women, while we made incredible strides, while many of you worked literally around the clock, while volunteers knocked on thousands of doors across this district and made calls and stuffed envelopes and wrote checks, here in SC5 it was simply not enough. We cannot clone ourselves, we cannot do more than we are humanly able to do. The problem is not that we didn’t do enough. The problem is that there weren’t enough of us, all working together.

I know that we can win in 2018. We can take Ralph Norman’s seat. We can keep a Democrat on county council. We can take on Greg Delleney in House District 43. We can run and support Democrats against Gary Simrill and Bruce Bryant, but we can’t do it unless we grow.

If you agree that we have to enroll others, if you believe that the YCDP must take a look at why people of color continue to be underrepresented in our efforts, if you believe that fostering connections with county parties in our region will build volunteer and voter turnout, if you believe that we can do a better job of utilizing technology to build our brand and find our people, if you believe that simple changes in the way we welcome new people will better enroll them in our work, if you you know that the YCDP would benefit from the organization and focus of local Huddles, and if you believe that we must be more proactive in building a bench of strong candidates for 2020 and 2024 and beyond, then I am your candidate and I appreciate your vote. This is not about me. This is about us, about Democrats, and about making the changes needed to absolutely crush it in 2018.

I hope that you will reach out to me with any questions, ideas, or feedback you have in the coming days. I’m active on Facebook and you can email me at I look forward to seeing you at the convention on February 22, and beyond!

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