Darelene Mansfield: Candidate for Executive Committee Woman, YCDP

I began my career in healthcare in Burlington, NC, my hometown, but went to work for Southern Bell in 1972. I started as an Operator at the cord board. Over the course of 37 years, I worked my way up to a management position in Charlotte. By that time the company had become BellSouth.

My work has always been very important to me. My career led to both activism and to the Democratic Party.

Early on, I became an activist with my union, the Communications Workers of America (CWA).
My leadership role was a Job Steward. I served on Legislative, Women’s, Entertainment, and Newsletter Committees. I attended numerous CWA Conventions, and was a member and editor of the newsletter for the Central Labor Council, which included representatives from all area AFL-CIO affiliates. As a Legislative Committee Member, we kept the members informed of the issues, I lobbied in Raleigh, and attended training classes on lobbying and campaigning.

I learned then that Democratic representatives are more likely to have our best interests at heart. Being from a family of Democrats and believing in equality for all people, I knew this was the right direction.

When I moved to Charlotte in 1983, I continued my union support and again became active with the Democratic Party. I worked on Bill Clinton’s Campaign, numerous Governor races, and Mayoral races, including Harvey Gantt. In those days of campaigning we stuffed envelopes, and got a phone list from the phone book

At Bell I:
– trained employees in customer service skills
– trained all employees on quality processes and the tools that ensure quality.
-became a Certified Facilitator and used those skills to lead meetings to improve processes.
-was a project manager assigned to some of our largest customers, and handled all their service needs from the sell of a product, to installation, to the billing of the service.
-won many top accolades.

I feel I can apply what I have learned to benefit the party.

By the time I retired, I had moved to South Carolina. I became involved in the community by serving as HOA Cluster Captain, but I knew I wanted to connect with the YCDP. In 2015, I worked as the phone bank captain for Hillary’s Campaign in the Primary. During the general election, Debbie Gudenas and I ran the headquarters office, having canvassing and phone bank events for both Fran Person and Hillary. I attended numerous Hillary and Fran hosted events and campaigned sometimes 7 days a week.

As Precinct Committee Person, John Kraljevich, Beth Phillips, and I knocked on the majority of doors in the Baxter Precinct. Thanks to John we now have a Baxter Democratic Facebook page which has strengthened the party involvement. I also attend the quarterly YCDP Precinct meetings.

After Election Day 2016, I knew I needed to do even more.

-I became one of the leaders of the SC5 Indivisible group, and have attended scheduled national conference calls, relayed details of urgent calling when needed, and assisted in bringing volunteers for canvassing to Archie’s campaign.

-I was very active in campaigning for and canvassing for Archie in York, Chester, Rock Hill and Fort Mill. I was among one his 1st supporters to join him in York when he officially became a candidate. I was even pictured on his postcard.

-I also knocked on doors and made calls for Bebs.

-A few months ago, I put what I had learned to use as Steve Love’s Campaign Manager for City Council. We had a landslide win. I designed the field plan, worked Vote Builder, recruited volunteers, knocked on doors, made calls, made buttons, designed postcards, coordinated with his social media volunteers, helped with events, got to know the community, handled mailings, and kept everything organized.

-During that same time, I knocked on doors and made calls for Heather Overman, who also won by a landslide. I got my exercise on those hills in Tega Cay.

These recent campaigns have been a revelation to me. We have to understand how much has changed since the old days of stuffing envelopes and calling out of the phone book. When I was learning new campaign skills during the Hillary campaign, I started to suspect that they could be very effective in smaller races.

They are. The proof is in the success we’ve had this year.

My skills are leadership and organization. I’m hardworking and motivated. I’m Votebuilder trained and know my way around a field plan. I am a Democrat who is ready to win some elections!

I would appreciate your VOTE on February 22 for Executive Committee Woman!

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