Joey Crouch, 3rd Vice Chair Candidate YCDP

I can’t tell you how excited I am that the blue wave is ready to sweep over the state of South Carolina! This is our opportunity to have a lasting impact on the direction of our state.

To me, the Democratic Party is centered around a few central ideas: The idea that our society is at its best when it is equitable, when all people have a voice that is heard, and when we embrace that inclusion is the only way that we can succeed. These ideals are those which drew me to the party.

It is under those same principles that I have regularly devoted myself to my community and to my home. Whether it’s working with Time Out Youth to feed and shelter LGBT youth experiencing unstable housing or helping get Latino immigrants on the path to citizenship with the Latin American Coalition, I regularly work to advocate for and provide aid to those who feel disenfranchised and voiceless.

I know they have power; I want them to see that too.

It is with that same determination to improve my community that I am proud to announce my candidacy for 3rd Vice Chair of the York County Democratic Party.

I believe that if we are to be the change we want to see in the world, then that change MUST start at home.

Working with the rest of the executive board, here’s what I would do as your 3rd Vice Chair:
• Coordinate with Winthrop College Democrats and similar high school groups to encourage engagement in the party and elections. That is how we ensure a successful future
• Focus on increasing voter literacy; to get out the vote, people need to know when, where, why and how. That is how we ensure that our success is sustainable.
• Fervently campaign for democratic candidates! That is how we ensure our officials are known to the public.
• Work to improve our social media presence. That is how we ensure our voice is heard.

I believe that by taking these steps, our party can lead the way in putting candidates that uphold our values into office. This is how we can improve our home! This is how we can change people’s lives for the better.

I’ll be calling our membership to discuss these principles in detail this week. I’m excited to meet and get to know each of you and share my ideas on how to make our party successful! Let’s ride that wave!

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