John Kraljevich, Candidate for Alternate Executive Committeeman, YCDP

The role of the Alternate Executive Committeeman is to have the Executive Commiteeman’s back, to fill in where needed, and to help carry the workflow between the county and state parties.

Color me interested, mostly because that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing for the past few years anyway. I’ve had the back of every Democratic candidate in the last cycle. You’ve probably seen my work and never realized it, because I’ve always been happiest finding a place to help and doing the job that needs to be done without much fanfare. I’d rather let that work speak for itself, including my continued efforts for Archie, my work to elect Heather, my service to the SCDP in various capacities, and assistance offered to other candidates up and down the ballot.

The Democratic Party is a coalition, united by its ideals even as it’s divided by policies and politics. Those ideals require real work to enunciate and communicate. Committees don’t win elections. Talk doesn’t win elections. Heck, even county parties don’t win elections. People willing to do the work win elections. I know the work because I’ve been doing it, and I’ll keep doing it whether y’all want to hang a title on it or not. I believe many hands make light work, but I also believe we’ve got two ears and one mouth for a reason. I’m happiest when I’m listening more and talking less.

I’ve previous represented the county as last year’s York County selection as a SCDP Clyburn Fellow and was honored to be elected Vice President of our class. I’d be proud to represent the county at the State Executive Committee level too.

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