Linda Tovar, Candidate for 1st Vice Chair of YCDP

I am honored to be running for 1st Vice Chair of our party. I have been involved in the last year with running our local Indivisible group, arranging the ice cream social, and attended numerous precinct meetings. I have been active in protesting our Senators and orchestrating phone campaigns to oppose hateful policies. During the Archie Parnell campaign I organized indivisible members to volunteer and I personally canvassed 7 days a week and phone banked for Archie. I firmly believe in growing the party and I am Bilingual and plan to use that skill to grow the Hispanic communities participation in the party. I plan to make sure that SC5 is a part of the big blue wave that is coming later this year by making sure the precincts are organized even the ones that currently have no representation. I hope you will look back on what I have accomplished and vote for me for 1st Vice Chair.

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